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2019-07-23 Tue 90,419,061 - 54 - 738 -
2019-07-25 Thu 90,487,958 +68897 54 - 738 -
2019-07-27 Sat 90,552,908 +64950 54 - 738 -
2019-07-29 Mon 90,625,472 +72564 54 - 738 -
2019-07-31 Wed 90,715,877 +90405 54 - 740 +2
2019-08-03 Sat 90,827,145 +111268 54 - 741 +1
2019-08-04 Sun 90,881,785 +54640 54 - 741 -
2019-08-05 Mon 90,905,516 +23731 54 - 741 -
2019-08-07 Wed 91,026,209 +120693 54 - 743 +2
2019-08-09 Fri 91,151,489 +125280 54 - 743 -
2019-08-11 Sun 91,249,270 +97781 54 - 743 -
2019-08-14 Wed 91,379,440 +130170 54 - 745 +2
2019-08-16 Fri 91,459,281 +79841 54 - 745 -
2019-08-17 Sat 91,522,365 +63084 54 - 746 +1
2019-08-18 Sun 91,547,846 +25481 54 - 746 -
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Current Stats 2019-08-18 91,547,846 746
30 days 2019-09-17 93,020,186 776
60 days 2019-10-17 94,492,526 806
3 months 2019-11-16 95,964,866 836
6 months 2020-02-14 100,381,886 926
9 months 2020-05-14 104,798,906 1,016
1 year 2020-08-17 109,461,316 1,111
1 year and half 2021-02-15 118,393,512 1,293
2 years 2021-08-17 127,374,786 1,476
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“Many of the children’s physical fitness is very poor now. Although I can’t spend a lot of money to buy equipment for the children, I can create equipment for them with my hands.” - Lin Meizhen

At Xianling Primary School, physical activity was at a low point. They needed equipment to motivate the kids, but didn’t have the funding to buy any. Then, one curious PE teacher decided to shift her

#justdoit #madetoplay

Find out how you can take action: 2019-08-16 video ⠀ “Many of the childr.. 198,456 825
View Post “Everything that was taken from me, every opportunity I was denied... That’s what I want these kids to have.” - @forrestneide
The five square miles of Capao Redondo, Brazil were once notorious for violence.
It was here that Neide lost her husband and then her son. After their deaths, she created @projetovidacorrida and discovered a second life as a second mother to an entire neighborhood of children.
Some thought that violence would always shape the people of Capão Redondo’s story. But through sport, they’ve changed the narrative. #justdoit #madetoplay
Find out how you can take action: 2019-08-14 video “Everything that was ta.. 232,571 938
View Post “If you're looking to start running, or swimming, or playing baseball, or whatever you want to do, take one step towards that every day. Go out and run a mile, or go look for a pool to jump into. It’s just a matter of taking that first step—because that one step can change everything.” - 2019-08-12 video “If you're looking to s.. 124,854 654
View Post “Arielle was 7 when we did a 5k together. We jogged the first mile, and I held her hand thinking she might get lost. Then, at about mile two, I'm dying but she’s got a big smile on her face. So I told her, ‘Go ahead if you want,’ and she just took off. After that, I knew she’d be an amazing runner.” -Angela Avina, Arielle’s mom, on the day Arielle found running.
#sportchangeseverything 2019-08-06 video “Arielle was 7 when we .. 163,225 1,063
View Post “Pain goes away. But the pride of knowing you gave everything? That’ll stick with you forever.” -@mathewfras
Mat defended his title as the Fittest Man on Earth by winning his fourth-straight CrossFit Games championship, proof that Hard Work Pays Off. #HWPO #justdoit 2019-08-05 image “Pain goes away. But th.. 448,463 1,686
View Post This is what it looks like to be two of the world’s best beach volleyball players #justdoit 2019-08-01 video This is what it looks lik.. 146,303 858
View Post “Your team is your family, and it’s for them that you want to play.”
Kristina left her parents to pursue her dream of playing football for her country. Sharing a bed with her grandma as she trains at her club in Moscow, she’s doing whatever it takes to represent Russia.
Follow her story in ’Spit Fire, Dream Higher’—our latest collaboration with @adwoaaboah and @gurlstalk. 2019-07-30 image “Your team is your fami.. 218,790 709
View Post “In the inner-city, young people see sport as this vehicle to get out the hood, but it’s actually a mechanism to actualize the best version of yourself.
I’m showing kids that just because you play basketball, you are more than just a basketball player. You are creative. You are anything you wanna be.” - Cesar Martinez
#sportchangeseverything 2019-07-29 video “In the inner-city, you.. 125,675 526
View Post “Football means everything to me. I want to play football forever. I do.”
Football is Londiwe’s life, keeping her off the streets of Johannesburg and bonded to her teammates with a shared love of the beautiful game.
Follow her story in ‘Spit Fire, Dream Higher’ – our latest collaboration with @adwoaaboah and @gurlstalk. 2019-07-23 image “Football means everyth.. 157,440 825
View Post This is what it looks like to be golf’s 15x major winner. #justdoit 2019-07-17 video This is what it looks lik.. 156,655 1,130
View Post “When you stop thinking about things that have happened in the past and focus on this moment, you achieve greatness. Your destiny is in your hands.” Precious trains at Right to Dream Academy—the first women’s football academy in West Africa. On and off the pitch, she’s proving that young women can take control of their lives and achieve incredible things.

Follow her story in 2019-07-16 image “When you stop thinking.. 180,982 626
View Post “It’s not just about working out, and it's not just about getting your body to be aesthetically pleasing; it's about being part of something bigger than yourself. We’re creating a new culture together, and it’s changing the trajectory of people’s lives.” -@_tanyalozano

Tanya Lozano gave her underserved Chicago neighborhood access to fitness, and the community it created has turned into a movement. #SportChangesEverything 2019-07-15 video “It’s not just about .. 131,924 601
View Post “‘Spit Fire, Dream Higher’ is the culmination of an incredible journey to unearth girls from around the world who have fought through oppression and continue to be resilient through their love for football. The documentary truly celebrates them and the grassroots communities they are a part of.”
- @adwoaaboah
Don’t change your dream, change the world. #justdoit 2019-07-09 sidecar “‘Spit Fire, Dream Hi.. 236,039 1,093
View Post Few make history. Fewer change it.
Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit 2019-07-07 image Few make history. Fewer c.. 539,379 3,129
View Post “I fight for my people, I fight for everyone. Sport should be an equal language for all.” - @castersemenya800m #justdoit 2019-06-30 image “I fight for my people,.. 294,923 7,282
View Post “The traditional player? Maybe a little boring.” @elisvitolina
The traditional tennis player? She’s quiet. Respectful. Conservative.
But Elina Svitolina? Sheʼs outspoken. Defiant. Rebellious.
Traditionally, she doesn't fit in. And thatʼs what makes her stand out. #justdoit 2019-06-30 video “The traditional player.. 301,929 1,027
View Post “I never feel like I have to be stuck in any sort of lines.” @madisonkeys
Tennis is a sport with definitive lines. These lines tell you when, where, and how you should play.
In a lot of ways, the same can be said for athletes who play the game. Theyʼre reminded that thereʼs a right and a wrong way to act. Some are even told to be prim, proper, and “ladylike. 2019-06-26 video “I never feel like I ha.. 246,249 948
View Post “It all began in Sepolia.” @giannis_an34

Giannis Antetokounmpo's story starts to take shape in a small neighborhood in Athens. It’s here where he first learned to love the game of basketball.

With Giannis as the host, we go back to the beginning. We go back to streets of Sepolia.

This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit 2019-06-24 video “It all began in Sepoli.. 434,391 1,562
View Post “You can’t be what you can’t see.” - Makena
The athlete who inspired some of the world’s best isn’t even on a roster this summer. She isn’t a professional soccer player. She isn’t even being recruited. (Yet.)
She’s a ten-year-old girl. Meet Makena. #justdoit 2019-06-21 video “You can’t be what yo.. 389,893 1,738
View Post When we win, it won’t be by ourselves. #betrue #untilweallwin
@casterSemenya800m @TheChrisMosier @ScoutBassett @KerronClement @MarkMcKenzie4 @EricKoston @Elissa_Steamer @Daaarkness @SBird10 @BrittneyYvetteGriner @jaeecan @Jewellloyd 2019-06-13 video When we win, it won’t b.. 133,877 1,133
View Post Crazy dreams take crazy effort.
18 career majors. 12 French titles. Congratulations @rafaelnadal. #justdoit 2019-06-09 video Crazy dreams take crazy e.. 784,759 6,273
View Post “Whatever happens, we’re a team. In defeat as much as in victory. It’s impossible to win by yourself.” @amandine_henry
When Amandine Henry and her teammates were young, they could only dream of an opportunity like this.
Today, that dream becomes reality.
Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit 2019-06-07 image “Whatever happens, we.. 299,403 917
View Post “Even if I were born again, I’d still play football.” @ji_soyun10
Ji So-Yun's dream isn’t to be one of the best female football players in the world.
Ji dreams of becoming one of the best players in the world, period. #justdoit 2019-06-03 image “Even if I were born ag.. 184,732 972
View Post “It’s important for girls to believe in themselves, because if you believe in yourself that means you can do anything.” - Makena, Age 9, #justdoit 2019-06-01 image “It’s important for g.. 476,803 2,210
View Post “Whatever happens, we’re a team. In defeat, as much as in victory. It’s impossible to win by yourself. Impossible. And I think that, if you perform well individually, you’ll perform well collectively.”
French midfield general Amandine Henry knows it takes a whole team to win and now, as captain of her country, she’s not afraid to lead that team.
Don’t change your dream. Change the world. #justdoit 2019-05-28 video “Whatever happens, we.. 335,906 1,190
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